Real-Time Bill Payments

Features & Benefits

Business Payments Directory has benefits for all parties involved in Same-Day & Real-Time ACH payments.

Open source technologies, blockchain/distributed ledger technology and standardized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

The forthcoming directory will be structured as a network of sub-directories that will store trusted and validated payee information, which can be accessed through credentialed service providers. Payers will be able to obtain payment information on a single payee or multiple payees, and payees will be able to manage their information in real time. In addition to blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, the platform will also leverage standardized application programming interfaces (APIs) developed by Afinis.

According to NACHA, the B2B directory will be structured as a network of credentialed service provider “sub-directories,” in which trusted and validated payee information will be stored. Credentialed service providers will allow access to the stored electronic payment information, including ACH payment details and other payment methods. Payers can query the directory to obtain information for a single payee or multiple payees, and payees can manage their information in real time to ensure payment details are current.

More than Same-Day ACH:

By the way, we own, so we can offer you both solutions!
Real-Time payments doesn't share banking information between parties:
"...consumers and businesses indicated that they would rather share an e-mail address or a phone number to make/receive payments instead of sharing their bank account numbers." Page 29, Strategies Improving US Payment System
Credit Transfer:
Basic multi-purpose payment message, including remittance information.
Request for Payment:
RfP® to support P2P funds request and EBPP - Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment.
Payment Acknowledgement by Receiver:
Message from the receiver to the sender regarding payment dispositions (e.g. invoice paid, good shipped, etc.).
Request for Information & Response:
Receiver request for additional information about a payment (e.g. requesting customer account number, invoice number, or purpose of payment).
Remittance Advice:
Extensive remittance detail not included in the Credit Transfer message.

Sending money with Business Payments Directory is:

  • Instant - funds will be received in seconds.
  • Flexible - send or receive one-time and recurring payments.
  • Easy - it's all done online or via your mobile device, no need to visit the bank.
  • Quick - takes seconds to set use once your company is approved.
  • Secure - money goes directly into the recipient's account of choice.
  • Convenient - funds can be instantly accessed and spent.
  • Inexpensive - one of the cheapest on the market as there are no costs for the receiver.

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