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Real-time payments have benefits for billers because they receive good ('irrefutable') funds that can be immediately used for other business needs. Just as important as the speed of a real-time payment transaction is the quantity of data that accompanies the payment. Leveraging the expanded real-time messaging capabilities provides the necessary information to match a bill with its payment, making reconciliation automatic and fast for billers, improving efficiencies and reducing costs. Real-time Invoicing: New invoicing system loved by both billers (merchants) and payers. Billers can provide ISO 20022 data or .pdf format to their clients. Payment data is integrated into top accounting and CRM software. Payers can choose type of payment (i.e. Card, ACH, RTP, Financing) one-time, recurring and schedule the exact payment date/time 24/7! More info

Business Payments Directory

Sponsored by NACHA

What is: Business Payments Directory

Business-to-Business (B2B) Directory, which is a database, or “public phone book” of business payees and payee information. It will allow payers to find the information needed to make payments to their payees electronically.
B2B & C2B

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Bill Pay Exchange

Sponsored by MasterCard

All U.S. companies/billers should enroll

What is: Bill Pay Exchange

Bill Pay Exchange is offered through banks and credit unions to enable consumers to use their computer or mobile banking app to easily set up all billers, receive notifications on payments due, view billing details and manage multiple accounts in one place, while also allowing customers to specify when and how much to pay various accounts.
B2B & C2B

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Business Payments Network

Sponsored by Visa

What is: Business Payments Network

Providing a connected platform for suppliers, buyers, financial institutions, and Accounts Payable (A/P) and Accounts Receivable (A/R) software providers through publishing an online directory that contains a full view of participating suppliers and their payment acceptance preferences.

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